“My Mom Says I Shouldn’t Brag About How Simple And Effective My Day Trading Strategies Are

…So I’m gonna let others do the talking for a minute…”

"I'm Finally Making A Profit"
"I've tried all types of forex strategies, mentors, and signal groups to become profitable. Won some, but lost more. 

I came across you on Youtube and checked out the Forex Fortune Factory training. The switch finally clicked and I'm profitable for the first time.

Thank you so much for creating this."

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The Success Of Our Students Is PROOF That This Works...

Here’s What They Have To Say, In Their 
Own Words...

"I Just Wanted To Let You Know How Grateful I Am"
"Hey man, I didn't want this message to get lost in the group...

But I wanted to take the time to say thank you for all the advice you have given.

Since taking your course, I'm up $600 on an account that started with $1000 and it wouldn't have been possible without you.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am."

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"I Had Never Even Traded Before This"
"Nemo! I had never even executed a trade before I started watching your videos.

I started trading on Tuesday with $2000 and now I'm up to $7500. I'm straight up murdering the market right now, man.

Thank you so much for making these videos. It's laughable how easy this stuff is!"

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"Insanely Grateful Right Now"
"This was a 750 pip week for me.

I'm not a huge religious person or anything but the universe has a way of providing what you need if you put yourself out there.

Insanely grateful right now."

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"I Made $450 In Only 2 Hours"
"Dude before I got this program, the market was kicking my ass for 3 months straight.

The morning after I finished all of the videos, I made $450 in only 2 hours.


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"Excited To Keep Profiting!"
"Hey bro!

I started live trading by myself on Thursday and I'm already up $400+!

Can''t thank you enough for everything you have done.

Excited to keep profiting and learning every single day!"

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"You Helped Change My Life"
"You guys have helped change my life.

I just want to give a token of appreciation back by helping the new guys
and showing that this works.

A lot of them message me and I make sure I help them.

I want to build the brand for the people who literally flipped my life around in months.

What I had planned to achieve in years, happened in a few short months.

Can't thank you enough."

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"I'm Free From My Debt"
"I'll put it like this.

I was 13 thousand dollars in debt and by the time I get this next withdrawl I wont have to worry about that D-word anymore.

I'm so glad that I took this seriously."

***results may vary***

"Your Training Is So Useful"
"Guys... really, thank you.

Your training is so useful that on my first three trades I made a total of 230 pips. All of that was on my first day, and I still have some more trades running."

***results may vary***

"I Doubled My Account"
"I've already doubled my account this week.

All praise to you Nemo, thanks for building this awesome team and sharing your strategy!"

***results may vary***


Take a look at this…

We’re not saying you’ll get the exact same results – we have no idea who you are and what you’re 
willing to do, but...

By Implementing These Trading Strategies, 
Our Students Generated EXPONENTIALLY 
Higher Profits Than 95% Of Traders In The World – With REPORTED AND VERIFIED 
New Profits – In The Last 30 Days Alone.


Four years ago, a light bulb went off inside my head.

And after rigorous testing and risking countless dollars in the market to validate what I was doing...

I discovered and crafted an entirely different system for trading the forex market simply, consistently, and with tons of room to grow.

It created such an abundant flow of profit for me that I was able to quit my job within 6 months.

(I started teaching a few students this system, and they were able to understand and milk profit out of the market as well).

It wasn’t a complicated and overwhelming system…

It wasn’t dependent on advanced math, trade signals, fancy software, indicators, or staring at a computer screen for hours… 

And it didn’t matter if people were newbies or advanced in their experience...

Because with this system, I had finally been able to unlock the “holy grail” 
of forex trading:




After just 30 days this new strategy was cranking out gains at 5-15% monthly, we realized it was a sustainable and “evergreen” strategy.

We could use this approach and system, again and again.

Not just once, like a fluke.

Not just twice, with pure luck.

But consistently, repeatedly – day in, and day out, we could…

Make Money Online With..
No Ads, No Website, No Email List, & Without Selling Anything. 
Working Just 5 Hours A Week

Fast forward four years, I've have helped over 3,000 new and old forex students in almost every country and language you can imagine.

The biggest problem right now is convincing people that the money we're making is LEGAL. People can't fathom making this much cash without leaving our bedrooms or selling anything.

We’ve had thousands of students apply what we’ve taught them and open up the floodgates to profitable gains each and every month.

And 9 times out of 10, we’ve found that learning how to trade and earning from $10k per month to $20k, $40k, or even $50k+ per month is NOT that hard.

The problem is that most traders are either doing the wrong thing in their trading OR they are doing the right things in the wrong order.

So we’re fixing that.

And 4 Years Into This Business, 

So, if you have ever tried..

  • Starting a business and finding yourself with no time, money, or freedom to actually enjoy life...
  • Blogging and creating content for MONTHS only to make pennies or nothing at all...
  • Annoying your friends with multi-level marketing schemes and selling products you don't believe in...
  • Selling products online but not having time to build email lists, drive traffic, and design sales funnels...
  • Investing into real estate but realizing the payday is slow and requires a ton of work...
  • Trading forex with little to no success and losing more money than you can afford...

…Then what I have put together is for YOU.

For the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtain and allowing YOU to get insider-access into our “7-Figure Forex Trading Factory” – but only for a very limited amount of time. 

This system is responsible for incredible growth in the last 30 days alone:

  • I made $18,797.29 on my MID-SIZE account while only taking a few trades per week (Most trades were taken from bed while in my underwear..lol)
  • My skills have attracted new high net-worth investors who multiplied their initial investments with me 15x times over!

But even more importantly: 

By Implementing These Trading Strategies, Our Students Generated EXPONENTIALLY 
Higher Profits Than 95% Of Traders In The World – With REPORTED AND VERIFIED 
New Profits – In The Last 30 Days Alone.

If you’re even just a little bit curious as to how it works...

And how you could LEVERAGE our expertise and experience for yourself…

Take a look:


...Without Ads, A Website, Email Lists, & Without Selling Anything

This is our end-to-end Forex trading factory. There’s nothing else like it.

It’s the FULL training on all of the principles, frameworks, and fundamentals that have allowed us to grow from $0 to over 6-figures per year… at 5%-15% returns per month - from anywhere in the world.

That means for every year that goes by…

..We earn between 60%-100% (or more) in returns, out performing Wall Street's measly 8% per year.

Here’s how we do it...


How to Understand Exactly How Market Makers
Move The Market with In-Depth Psychological Hacks

Everyone tells you to “follow your trading strategy”.

But very few actually know HOW to build one.

So I decided to DEMONSTRATE (on screen) the exact process that Market Makers use to analyze and hunt down inexperienced traders and how to avoid their traps (before you waste time and money).

You only need to watch it ONCE. And every loss you ever had will finally make sense.

But it will directly yield a lifetime of profits inside your trading.

The level of detail you’ll uncover is staggering (and maybe even creepy):

When you understand the market at this level, you become unstoppable.

Psychology is the #1 secret behind effective and highly profitable trading.

Far too many overlook it. But not you.

You'll love discovering:

  • How to filter through the Noise so you can identify the RETAIL TRAPS (the “foundations”) that will open up “money pockets” that follows in-line with Market Makers...
  • What to do when you find yourself Emotionally Vulnerable - Don't worry, I'll show you how to ensure that your trading emotions remain in check with this one little secret.
  • What the Market is Actually Made of and How to Use It To Your Advantage - I'll uncover the layers of the market and each individual role. This will be crucial in understanding how to profit in ANY market condition
  • The sneaky, free, little tool the Top %1 of traders use to "read the mind" of the Market Makers and the direction they'll move the market- without using fancy software or chart indicators.
  • The “3 Questions” you MUST ask yourself, to gain clarity on deeply seeded mental blocks in your trading, and how to ensure you overcome any internal noise that may hold you back…

Now that you know all this about the market, you need to learn the strategy – with our help...


Discover How To Accurately Trade The Market 
(Even If You Have Never Placed A Trade Before)

We break this down and make it so easy, you’ll (probably) never struggle to trade again. 

In fact, there’s an exact science behind a consistent and profitable strategy – and it’s responsible for thousands of dollars in profit inside our trading.

Here's the secret:

“What the what?!”, you ask...

Don’t worry, skippy – Not only am I revealing every little piece of that formula…

I’m also breaking down the strategy for you and showing exactly where those pieces fit in:

Trust me…

When you use this “Trading Formula”, you could not only increase your winning rates by at least 60%...

You will also drastically reduce the number of trades you have to take, making things easier and less stressful.

In addition to all that, here’s briefly what you’ll discover in this part of the factory:

  • Full “X-Ray Breakdown” of our 3 top-performing trades, each responsible for over $10,000 in profit – and they were the easiest to implement, thanks to the formula…
  • Plus, get the “Hidden Chart Layout” that shows you WHAT trade to take and WHERE to take it, in your charts, so you’ll never worry about what the heck comes next...


How to Ensure You Have The Perfect 
Trade Entry...Every Single Time

Timing the proper entry is more than half the battle.

Watch as we pull back the curtain on our fool-proof entry and exit strategy.

This have been tested, tweaked, optimized – and is proven to work.

Everything is revealed – every If/Then decision point, every piece you need, every asset, the exact steps – so you can swipe and deploy.

You'll discover:

  • The diagram of our internal decision-making process for finding highly profitable trade setups (the level of detail is insane, down to the perfect candle and high momentum areas…)
  • The "PRAGMATIC Wick" formula, that shows you exactly how to understand candle wicks on 3 fronts to significantly increase your winning percentage and trade opportunity.
  • ​And so much more..

On top of all that, this next section of the factory shows you how to string it all together – and build trading accounts into 10's of thousands of dollars, in half the time...


Increase Your Profit Sizes In Half The Time
(With Less Of The Work)

This is the system we use to help our students grow to $20k+ per month WITHOUT more work. It takes people who are completely oblivious to trading… to entering and exiting thousands of dollars in profit within a few market minutes.

This strategy teaches you how to find the high momentum trade setups, and “stack” entries to exit a position with profit faster than a normal everyday trade.

Combine this with your longer term strategies and you have the perfect “base” for any market condition.


  • The 2 vital factors that determine your success – without these, you won’t be able to close profitable trades – but with them, there’s no limit to your growth…
  • The super simple formula for ensuring Intense Growth – with only 2-3 minutes of “work” – plus the exact trades to use for maximum profit...
  • The quick trading objective “trick” that side-steps the dreaded “swap charges”, helping you get more results for less money…
  • Watch over-my-shoulder, as I show you examples of TWO “Scalp Trade Setups” that quickly paid my bills for the next 2 months.
  • Case Study #1: Watch how a student took a small $1200 account, and was able to generate over $10,000 in profit within my 30 day challenge!
  • Case Study #2: Following my exact blueprint, this next student was able to generate over $58,000 in profit within 3 months of trading!

Frankly, with this Forex Factory alone, I don’t see how you can fail.

(Unless you literally do nothing, at all, ever – in that case, no one can help you, not even your mom).

But guess what?


I've Also Prepared 3 Bonuses Worth $500 For You, Too...

When you grab the Forex Fortune Factory today, you’ll get your hands on these bonuses, 


One Full YEAR of previous "War Room" live trade examples ($297 Value)

Within your USB, you’ll receive 70+ hours of live trade examples and trade explanations to watch it all in action…

Detailing what is working – and what’s not working – inside our six-figure trading accounts.

The level of intimate detail we share is unheard of – you won’t get these insights from any “rehashed” and regurgitated “forex” training.

Every week, I go live and share my screen as I look for trade opportunities with our "War Room" members. This is exclusively for active war room subscribers, but I will give you access to all of the past recordings where I am breaking down what's working and changing within the forex markets.

Ordinary people, like you, are using these "plug-and-play" strategies, tactics, and principles to finally generate the profit they've wanted for years.

Not only am I giving you this unprecedented level of direct, first-hand insight into my trading strategies…

I’m also going to share how to keep more money in your pocket once the profit starts rolling in...

We're traders, not accountants. But this basic guide will give you the fundamentals to understanding how taxes work when trading the forex market successfully. Saving you THOUSANDS in the process.


This quick handbook will give you a basic understanding on how to file your taxes with forex. ($97 Value)

The last thing you want is to be left with a blank stare when Uncle Sam comes knocking for his cut.

Use this Tax Handbook to approach the correct accountant to assist you and be ahead of the curve.

We're traders, not accountants. But this basic guide will give you the fundamentals to understanding how taxes work when trading the forex market successfully. Saving you THOUSANDS in the process.

Now, this next bonus is the BEST WAY to get started on everything you’ve discovered…

And I’m practically handing you a “profit engine” that you can replicate at will...


Forex Scalping Factory ($106 Value)

"Scalping" is a fancy way of taking quick positions for maximum gains.

Using this free bonus, you will learn the exact methods I use to double, triple, or QUADRUPLE accounts in record time.

These strategies have been tested, tweaked, optimized – and are proven to work.

It’s like having a world-class trader standing over your shoulder, showing you EXACTLY how to find and execute the most accurate trades the market can produce.

I think you’ll agree when I say:

This is an INSANE amount of value.

(My top students think I’m giving away too much…)


It took me 5 long years, working my butt off…

  • Reaching out to DOZENS of so-called "mentors" asking for help only to receive cocky and expensive responses.
  • Hustling hard for OVER 16,000+ HOURS implementing and testing everything I learned…
  • Investing THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of my OWN money on testing, tweaking, and trying…

And finally, after all that work and money spent…

I’ve finally unlocked the vault to understanding and growing profitable trading accounts consistently.

Because of this framework, I now generate $20K-$50K+ per month in the markets.

Sure, you could find everything you need to learn how to trade by purchasing multiple books, courses, and run your own tests, along with about 10 years of extreme focus on trading.

BUT...That’s a lot of time and money.

The good news?


The ONLY way anyone outside our team gained access to this trading system was by paying upwards of $10k to be a private student.

But you won’t pay even close to that today.

So even though we could easily charge close to $1,000 for this training…

And even though the value of the bonuses alone is a few hundred dollars...

Today, right now, as part of a special limited-time offer…

You can get the Forex Fortune Factory and ALL the bonuses for a meager $97, one-time investment.

I can’t believe I’m doing this – and neither can my private students, lol...

But if investing $97 is enough to make you sweat buckets and bite your fingernails…

Don’t worry because...


I’m beyond convinced that you’ll not only LOVE the Forex Fortune Factory (and bonuses) but when you IMPLEMENT everything, you’ll be amazed at your results.

You’ll get your hands on it in just a few moments – and you’ll get them with ZERO RISK.

Take a whole 90 days – that’s three months – and put everything to immediate use.

You’re either completely thrilled or send us an email (help@marketmakers.org) and we’ll give you a full refund – no hassles, no hard feelings (we’ll still be friends).

But you must take action today.

Every minute and every dollar you risk WITHOUT these strategies could be wasted time, energy, and profit. 

I want something better for YOU.

Investing in you, as a forex trader, is our highest calling.

Which is why we’re making this Forex Factory (and all the bonuses) available to you at a massive discount.

We’re shouldering the cost and the risk for you. You have nothing to lose.

This Factory is a MUST-HAVE training for anyone who wants to understand, find, and execute profitable trades from anywhere with an internet connection, day in and day out.

It’s not “out-of-date” or “entry-level”. It’s the secret behind our massive success – and the secret to your success doesn’t have to be complicated or a struggle.

We’re eliminating ANY risk for YOU – and taking on ALL the risk ourselves.

Here’s everything you get when you grab this factory today...




($1497 Total Value)

  • Full Forex Fortune Factory USB Drive, Filled to the Brim with Profitable Trading Strategies and Tactics, like “Foundation Fortunes”, Level Leveraging, “Advanced Price Action”, and more ($997 Value)
  • FREE BONUS #1: One Full YEAR of previous "War Room" live trade examples ($297 Value)
  • FREE BONUS #2: Forex Tax Handbook ($97 Value)
  • FREE BONUS #3: The Forex Scalping Factory training program ($106 Value)

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our order form where you can claim this limited offer. It takes only a minute, and your information is 100% secure. Please ensure your address is correct for the shipping of your USB.

(You can confirm your order below before it's final)

"Forex is an extremely profitable route to take for online income. Nehemiah has found the missing ingredients to consistency in a challenging market. I'm happy to have him a part of my mentorship program teaching my students his methods."

—Tai Lopez (TaiLopez.com)

Your Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING we show you, and don't see a change in your trading, send us an email to help@marketmakers.org and 
receive a refund right away!

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Download Our 5x Trading Plan For Only $37: We've developed a '5x Trading Plan' you can follow to SKYROCKET your trading profits. This plan walks you through the exact pip amounts you need to make your first $5,000 in the markets. This is the plan that took our trading accounts from $1000 to multiple 5 figures in our very first year. We don't give this to anyone because we don't want to get ripped off, BUT for forex fortune factory students, you can snag a copy on this page only.

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Some of the best Forex Fortune Factory memories & testimonials!


  • Is this forex factory for noobs or more advanced traders or investors?

None and all of them, at the same time. What we show you is not basic tactics that noobs can use – although if you’re a noob, you’ll double your forex trading ability. And if you’re an advanced trader or investor, you will discover new strategies and shift your mindset in a way that helps you take your trading  to another level in terms of results. 

Forgot about noobs vs. advanced – this is a system that works for anyone, period.

  • Will I be overwhelmed by info – will you hold my hand??

No, you won’t be overwhelmed because unlike other “courses” out there, we don’t dump hours of content on you and wish you the best. We’ve distilled our methods into the most useful and actionable stuff imaginable. You can implement what we teach in a matter of minutes or hours after you’ve watched the training. Hold your hand? We’re not sitting next to you so no, BUT you’ll feel like “you’ve got this” within minutes of listening to us.

  • Is this a digital course or USB drive that will be sent to my home?

Both. Upon purchase, we will send a USB drive to your home within 7-14 business days. This will contain all of the material mentioned. You will also receive access to the digital version while you wait. The digital version will ensure that you get a jump start on the training and can be updated with any new material.

  • I’ve tried 19 different strategies and everything under the sun… Will this work for me??

Yikes! That’s a lot of trial and error, my friend. Good news: this workshop ELIMINATES GUESS-WORK and puts you on the right path. You don't need a gazillion strategies or indicators. Forget about the strategies – do the things that are PROVEN to WORK (you’ll discover it all inside the training).

  • Why are you doing this?

Our mission is to help people who are stuck like we were…

1. Realize what is possible for them and their families
2. Impact as many lives as possible for good
3. Help you in your journey so that you’d want to have a deeper working relationship with us

That’s it. And we’re willing to take all the risk in this relationship.

However, if you are not serious about your trading please just click off this page.

We’re not interested in dealing with wannabe’s or people who aren’t willing to “invest” a measly $97 dollars.

  • Guys, at $97 for this… is it just entry-level or with out-of-date content?

The price tag is ridiculous, we know. We should be charging a lot more for this. But we’re not.

Why? Because we have an “agenda”:

We want YOU to be so impressed and ecstatic about the training – and get life-changing results from it – that you’ll WANT to hear more from us and buy other products we’re offering.

We’re eliminating ANY risk for YOU – and taking on ALL the risk ourselves (plus, we’re charging way too little to begin with…)

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our order form where you can claim this limited offer. It takes only a minute, and your information is 100% secure. Please ensure your address is correct for the shipping of your USB.

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